Commit 49a097d6 authored by Matthias Rütten's avatar Matthias Rütten

fix new ios options

parent 8651df81
......@@ -171,9 +171,9 @@
BOOL disableAnimations = [options[@"disableAnimations"] boolValue];
BOOL disableSuccessBeep = [options[@"disableSuccessBeep"] boolValue];
NSString *upperViewlabel = [options[@"upperViewlabel"] stringValue];
NSString *lowerViewlabel = [options[@"lowerViewlabel"] stringValue];
NSString *cancelButtonlabel = [options[@"cancelButtonlabel"] stringValue];
NSString *upperViewlabel = options[@"upperViewlabel"];
NSString *lowerViewlabel = options[@"lowerViewlabel"];
NSString *cancelButtonlabel = options[@"cancelButtonlabel"];
// We allow the user to define an alternate xib file for loading the overlay.
NSString *overlayXib = options[@"overlayXib"];
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