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# Hardware Instructions

Use the hole saw to create an opening for the speaker. For more stable mount use the 64mm drill/saw, although it makes it a little hard to install the hardware on the inside.
Make sure to put the hole on the _bottom_ of the shelf, it is very easy to get confused here. Also don't drill to deep or you'll damage the top of shelf.
![hole saw](images/hardware/1_holesaw.jpg)

![before drilling](images/hardware/2_beforedrill.jpg)

![after drilling](images/hardware/3_afterdrill.jpg)

After sawing the hole use a screwdriver to open the shelf up.

Now you can start to remove the paper from inside.
![remove paper](images/hardware/5_paper.jpg)

I recommend removing all the paper, even though it is quite a hassle. In my experience this does not affect the stability of the shelf.
![paper removed](images/hardware/6_empty.jpg)

Drill a hole into the side of the shelf.
![before usb connector drilling](images/hardware/7_beforeusbdrill.jpg)

![after usb connector drilling](images/hardware/8_afterusbdrill.jpg)

Put an USB wire through the shelf. Connect one end to the USB connector and keep the other end hanging out of the big hole.
![inserting usb connector](images/hardware/9_connector.jpg)

Place the usb connector. In most cases you can just plug it into the shelf. If it does not stick, use hot glue or some screws.
![usb connected](images/hardware/10_connected.jpg)

![usb without cable](images/hardware/11_usbplug.jpg)

No it is time to put the board in. I used [plastic spacers](https://www.aliexpress.com/item/MTGATHER-100-PCS-HC-5-Nylon-Plastic-Stick-On-PCB-Spacer-Standoff-Locking-Snap-In-Posts/32794726696.html) to glue it in, but insulating tape probably also works. For easier installation, I removed the MP3 decoder board and plugged it back in, once the base board was mounted inside.
![board bottom with holders](images/hardware/12_holdersbottom.jpg)

![board top with holders](images/hardware/13_holderstop.jpg)

![board inserted](images/hardware/14_inserted.jpg)

Now close the hole up by inserting the speaker. It should sit quite tight.
![speaker half installed](images/hardware/15_halfclosed.jpg)

![speaker installed](images/hardware/16_assembled.jpg)
Now you are good to go!

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