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# The Gatekeeper
The Keycloak Gatekeeper offers a very simple and flexible Reverse Proxy that handles all the OIDC-related authentication for upstream services.
In this repository we provide a very basic example on how to run a keycloak gatekeeper with an upstream app. Note that we assume that Keycloak is running on the docker host and that there is no network defined.
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version: '3'
image: keycloak/keycloak-gatekeeper:latest
- "3000:3000"
command: ["--client-id=gatekeeper", "--client-secret=5f57ef0b-0201-4a15-9c78-8a6fd69cf9b6", "--discovery-url=", "--listen=", "--redirection-url=", "--upstream-url=http://http-echo", "--secure-cookie=false", "--add-claims=test"]
image: mendhak/http-https-echo:latest
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