Commit d21aed38 authored by David Hardy's avatar David Hardy

Added mono to yarn

parent eb8b8745
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
"mono:model": "copy -S ../model/src -D .mono/model -E .spec. -H --verbose 2",
"mono:quick": "yarn mono:model -Q",
"mono:full": "rimraf .mono && yarn mono:model",
"postinstall": "yarn mono:full",
"compile": "./node_modules/.bin/tsc",
"build": "yarn lint && yarn compile",
"build:prod": "yarn build",
......@@ -9,7 +9,9 @@
"install:model": "yarn --cwd ./model install",
"install:app": "yarn --cwd ./app install",
"install:functions": "yarn --cwd ./functions install",
"postinstall": "yarn install:model && yarn install:app && yarn install:functions",
"mono:functions": "yarn --cwd ./functions mono:full",
"mono": "yarn mono:functions",
"postinstall": "yarn install:model && yarn install:app && yarn install:functions && yarn mono",
"lint:model": "yarn --cwd ./model lint",
"lint:app": "yarn --cwd ./app lint",
"lint:functions": "yarn --cwd ./functions lint",
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